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  • My new Migraine treatments

    I first started having Migraines when I was 31, after my last child was born and about a month after slipping on ice and wrenching my neck when I landed. I've been sent to specialists, had testing, all the stuff you do to find out what the problem is (and the cure) The big announcement from the Neurologist? " It seems you're getting Migraines" I knew that before the tests! . so they sent me home with no more info than I arrived with (thanks guys) Since that time I've used every risky pharmaceutical drug available to treat them,.. Most had some effect, some worked better than others but none prevented them. I also tried natural treatments, including diets, exercise, meditation, herbs etc..

    If you're a migraine sufferer you know the drill. Some people are fortunate and can find what triggers their migraines and avoid it..certain foods, irregular sleep, not eating regularly, smells, chemicals and perfumes...

    Sadly, not me.. mine seemed to happen most during my period and the weeks right before and after. Weather also seemed to play a shifts from low to high pressure systems and the opposite. Neither of these are controllable. Treatment with pharmaceuticals when one appeared, seemed to be my only option. That meant putting up with debilitating headaches if the medications didn't work.. 3 or 4 days in a row of throwing up, huddling in bed, not able to eat, sleep, or even function.. and I had 4 young children.. Looking back, I still don't know how I managed that first 15 years when my family was young and needed my attention. It was miserable.. If I didn't have a headache , I was recovering from one. Until, I discovered Cannabis. That was 4 years ago, since then, by medicating nightly with cannabis oil (occasionally smoke before bed when I had no oil) I have been able to cut the number of Migraines per month by about 75%. But I was using pharmaceuticals when they still broke through. I thought I'd reached the end and this was as good as it was going to get.

    THEN! I went to San Francisco for the Medical Cannabis cup. While browsing the products in the Kiosks a young lady told me that I might find using CBD helpful. She said that many find it helpful for Migraines and Arthritis.. I'm bothered by both so I thought I'd give it a go (see my post in the Arthritis forum for that story)

    Its been a week and a day since I started. I use it 3 times a day, three puffs from a vape pen each time. Twice this week I've felt that familiar nagging tightness starting in my back and neck, so 2 or three puffs then as well. And I'm thrilled to report that I've not has one actual Migraine!

    Now to some of you that dosnt sound all that exciting.. but I'm someone who can need to medicate 5 days a week with pharmaceuticals who's side effect is stroke ( I've already had one) So I really want to avoid them.

    I still medicate with oil or smoke a high THC strain before I go to bed, but now I've added the CBD and it seems to be just the thing I needed. Avoiding the risky pharmaceuticals is my main goal and I'm hoping this is it.

    I should mention that there is no "high" from using the CBD oil to medicate, nothing.. All i notice is a slow easing of and tension and pain.

    I'd like to hear your stories, how do you or the person you care for manage and treat migraines? What strains do you use and how do you medicate? oils, smoke vape, edibles? And what works best for you?
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