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CBD seems to work for me

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  • CBD seems to work for me

    I've been a medical Cannabis patient for 4 years and have used high THC products to help with a variety of health issues, one being Arthritis.

    This past week I was in San Francisco to attend the Medical Cannabis Cup. While talking to a lovely woman at one of the kiosks, it was suggested I should be using a CBD product. CBD helps with inflammation and pain, and according to this woman it could also help with Migraines.

    I decided to give it a try and purchased a vape pen and CBD cartridge.

    Its been a bad week for my wrists and shoulders, carrying suitcases and bags. My wrists were swollen, red and very painful. On Saturday I couldnt even hold a cup of tea ( yes, I hear you coffee drinkers gasp) tea! So I gave the CBD vape a try, three puffs.. to my surprise and delight, about 30 minutes later I noticed that my wrists were easing. They were still swollen and red but the stiffness was easing. I could still feel it but the pain was slipping into the background . I can't say it took the pain away completely, but it made it manageable. I've used the vape pen three times a day (yesterday and today)

    Normally a flareup last several days but this afternoon i was pain free and have full mobility. I'm impressed and waiting to see how it works for migraines (no sign of one since Saturday morning) I'll report on that in a few days, watch for my post in the Migraine forum. And please add your stories about Arthritis here or in the Blog section. I'd like to hear more stories or even comments.