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How to Preserve Terpenes

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  • How to Preserve Terpenes

    Saving trichomes is equivalent to saving the terpenes; and terpenes have many enemies. Weather it be heat, light, agitation, or time, terpenes are very finicky compounds. This plays into why cannabis flowers have a short shelf life. Between losing moisture in the leaves and the degradation of the trichomes, cannabis flowers don’t do an optimal job of preserving terpenes on their own once the flowers have reached full maturity and the plant is harvested. In fact, it is from this very point forward that terpenes begin their natural degradation process. Despite this, properly dried and cured cannabis flowers that have been minimally handled throughout their lives are stored in optimal environments can maintain their complex profiles for long periods of time. Strains cured properly can even develop more complex aromatic profiles as a result of curing. There are several methods involved in preparing your cannabis for the long haul. With the right preparation, your terpenes will stay fresh for longer than you may think. click picture to read more.

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